2005 AACTA Onyx Awards

Best production: “Fences,” Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre.
Direction: Eileen Morris, “Fences.”
Ensemble: “Fences.”
Lighting: Kenneth Carter, “Fences.”
Sound: Sean G. Donaldson, “Nine Days in the Sun,” Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre.
Set Design, Construction and Stage Dress: Mark Southers, Kenny Carter, Houston Parks and Corey Rieger, “Fences.”
Costumes: Heddie Thomas, “Fences.”
Supporting actor: Kevin Brown, “Fences.”
Supporting actress: Linda Haston, “Crumbs From the Table of Joy,” New Horizon Theater.
Lead actress: Rita Gregory, “Fences.”
Lead actor: Jonas Chaney, “Fences.”
Best production: “Sophisticated Ladies,” Kuntu Repertory Theatre.
Direction: Elizabeth Van Dyke, “Sophisticated Ladies.”
Ensemble: “Bubbling Brown Sugar,” Kuntu Repertory Theatre.
Lighting: Jason Peroney, “Sophisticated Ladies.”
Choreography: Greer Reed, “Sophisticated Ladies.”
Music direction: James Anthony Alston, “Sophisticated Ladies.”
Set Design, Construction and Stage Dress: Kenny Ellis and Richard Jackson, “Bubbling Brown Sugar.”
Costume Design: Heddie Thomas and Betty Pendleton, “Sophisticated Ladies.”
Supporting actor: Kevin Brown, “Sophisticated Ladies.”
Supporting actress: Ja’Sonta Roberts, “My Soul Looks Back and Wonders,” African Grove Performance Ensemble.
Lead actress: Christina Maria Acosta, “Sophisticated Ladies.”
Lead actor: Kevin Brown, “Christmas Is Coming Uptown,” Renaissance Publications Presents.
Up and Coming Youth Male Performer: Carter Redwood, “Christmas Is Coming Uptown.”
Up and Coming Youth Female Performer: Taylor Erniece Whitley, “Fences.”
Up and Coming Youth Minority Performer: Nadia Cook, “Nine Days in the Sun.”
Minority Actor: Mark Thompson, “Nine Days in the Sun.”
Minority Actress: Jennifer Sinatra, “Nine Days in the Sun.”
AACTA Rob Penny Lifetime Achievement Award: Visual artist, collector and curator Emory Biko.