Best Musical: “Christmas Is Comin’ Uptown.”

Musical Director: James Buster Alston (”Christmas”).

Director: Jeannine Foster McKelvia (”Christmas”).

Leading Actor: Kevin Brown (Scrooge, “Christmas”).

Supporting Actor: Carter Redwood, (Christmas Future, “Christmas”).

Leading Actress: Chrystal Bates Nelson (Eva Dee, “Get Ready,” New Horizon Theatre).

Supporting Actress: Maya Randolph, Dani P. Mason and Sahara Nzongola (Ghoulies, “Christmas”).

Ensemble: “Christmas.”

Costume Design: Cheryl El-Walker (”Christmas”).

Set Design: Kenneth Ellis (”Ain’t Misbehavin’,” Kuntu Rep).

Set Construction: Mathhew Ferrucci (”Ain’t Misbehavin’ “).

Lighting: Eric A. Smith (”Nativity: A Christmas Gift,” Shona Sharif Dance and Drum Ensemble).

Sound: Mark Whitehead (”Christmas”).

Choreography: Ayisha A. Morgan-Lee (”Christmas”).


Best Play: “Two Trains Running.”

Director: Mark Clayton Southers (”Two Trains”).

Supporting Actor: Sala Udin (Holloway, “Two Trains”).

Leading Actor: Leslie “Ezra” Smith (Freeman, “Freeman,” New Horizon).

Supporting Actress: Teri Bridgett (Sister Louise, “Good Black Don’t Crack,” Kuntu Rep).

Leading Actress: Cheryl El-Walker (Teresa, “Freeman”).

Costume Design: Cheryl El-Walker (”Two Trains”).

Set Design: Mark Clayton Southers (”Two Trains”).

Set Construction: “Two Trains.”

Light Design: Marti Mott (”Good Black”).

Sound: Wayne Gaines (”Good Black”).

Ensemble: “Two Trains.”


Minority Actor: Jay Keenan (Shadrack McGinty, “James McBride,” Pittsburgh Playwrights).

Minority Actress: Theo Allyn, (Darby, “James McBride”).

Up and Coming Youth Actress: Sharnece Thomas (Risa, “Two Trains Running”).

Equity Actor: Anthony Chisholm (Memphis, “Two Trains”).

Equity Actress: Candice Smith (Layla, “Lavendar Lizards and Lilac Landmines: Layla’s Dream,” Kuntu Rep).


Best Actor: Kevin Brown.

Best Actress: Crystal Glover.

Best Play: “Good Black Don’t Crack.”

Best Musical: “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”