What are the AACTA Onyx Awards?

The AACTA Onyx Awards were established to acknowledge and celebrate the talents of African Americans in the Pittsburgh area who participate in productions in the immediate area.  Participants are judged on their work as performers, dancers and technicians. 

The AACTA Onyx Awards is an annual celebration of the richness of talent that Pittsburgh African Americans and others demonstrate throughout the year in their artistic productions.

The awards ceremony is a classy, sophisticated affair, similar to the Academy Awards.   It publicizes, celebrates, appreciates, encourages and acknowledges excellence displayed by minorities in the performing arts.  Other desired outcomes include raising the bar with regard to the quality of work produced by these community members; increasing the city s awareness of their talents and contributions to the performing arts; and diversifying the audience base for minority performances.

The judges are selected and they attend all the productions separately.  They individually complete evaluation forms which are collected, scored and tabulated.  The winners are announced at the ceremony during the last week of June.