What is AACTA?

The African American Council of the Arts (AACTA) is a multi-faceted, educational arts organization dedicated to promoting the arts as a tool of enlightenment, personal development and tolerance for minorities and the disadvantaged thru education, training, literature, research, dissemination of information, job opportunities, the Onyx Awards and incentives.  AACTA was founded by Victoria T. Bey who was born and raised in Pittsburgh and has been involved in the arts in various capacities for more than 25 years. 
Our vision is a world that values differences and has tolerance of all of its citizens.
One of our goals is to stimulate and reward African American performers for quality work and to acknowledge African American theater companies for stellar productions.   Accomplishing that endeavor has not only produced a win-win situation for the region and for all those involved, but has also raised the bar with regards to the quality of work produced for the entire region.  Consequently, the idea of the AACTA Onyx Awards was created.